Normally, you’re doing your luggage at least the night before you’re leaving. Well I had everything on the floor in my living room, but nothing packed on Saturday morning. I was waiting to get the dry food which came with Kimberly who was driving me to the airport. The box was huge, and I had to get all of those food bags somehow in my backpack. I filled up to the top my backpack but there were still about 10 left. My backpack was already weighing more than I was allowed on my Easyjet flight. My hand baggage went up to 18kg, and I had to take a plastic bag with a few food bags and the only 3 books I could take along with me.

At the airport, I hopped to have someone understandable for my extra kilos. The lady at the desk did not even ask me anything about my super big backpack. She was just asking why I couldn’t pack it smaller since it didn’t fit in the plastic case for the luggage’s ramp. I just replied: well you know, if I could, I will have packed it smaller but...

While I was sitting to wait for the boarding, many people looked at me and were wondering where I was going. It might be rainy in Geneva, but we are not in winter time. I had my mountaineering shoes (big yellow hard boots) on me with my jeans and a fleece, with the huge yellow Peak Performance down jacket in my hands. I couldn’t wear it even though I wished. And my ski backpack with my hiking shoes and camping mattress hanging, fully packed, and with my solar panel and the camera tripod attached on the side.

No one said anything before I handed out my flight ticket for boarding. The lady standing there just looked at me like "where the hell is this guy going?" She told me that it wouldn’t make it, and that she had to check in my backpack since it was too big. Another came around and even said that I have extra stuff attached on the "other" side in addition of my hanging shoes and mattress... I said that I could easily remove those items when I put the bag on the overhead compartment but she was still looking at me like I was mad... I must have looked like if I had planned all of this, because a few seconds after trying to figure out how she could do now to check in my bag, she just told me to go and figure out myself how I’m going to fit this bag in the compartment. The trick here was that I had under my jacket, the plastic bag and the camera which they didn’t see... lucky me!

I went straight to the end of the plane to find room for my backpack and my "little" other things. I was thinking that it was only the first flight I’m taking with all those gears on me. How am I supposed to reach Kathmandu with all my gears (I have 19.3kg of gears waiting for me in London, at my aunt’s place)?

While we were getting speed on the runway, I had a thought for Geneva & Switzerland in general since for once, the next time I will be here should be in many many many weeks.

See you guys!