For sure, you can’t drink the water from the tap. And on some of the water bottle you can find this nice remark about the quality of water:

Thirst Pi is 100% Natural Spring Mineral Water. Untouched by human hands, water from the only In-House Natural Spring Source in Nepal, is automatically filled into Food grade, crystal clear Pet Bottles that are manufactured in our own In-House, latest, state of the art Pet bottle making plant. The water is automatically ozonated and there are no additives or chemicals used in the process.


This one is super clean, isn’t it? If they’re writing so much on how clean it is, I’m wondering what you could find in the water from the tap...

By the way, yesterday, it came out brown due to the heavy rain we have right now... You can really wonder from where the water is coming when you see something like this.

It sucks because we have to wait now. There is no point to trek when it’s raining like that. Gilles went to check for a paper we need and he traversed streets with water up to his knees, hoping not to lose his flip-flop in the water streams. And you need to add to the whole picture the Nepali walking in the water as well, with the buses and cars horning since everyone is slow... Gilles was laughing in the middle of the crossing. This mess in the Nepali way was really too much not to laugh at.

And today... it’s raining again, and not just a few drops. It’s the end of the monsoon, an end that I hope will be tomorrow. The other problem is that the rivers get bigger and it might certainly be snowing in the mountains. Should have we brought our snowboard this time?

And last week they were striking because of the government wanted to stop giving money to a festival for the animal sacrifices which occurs at the end, and which is costly apparently. After that, all the shops were closed in Thamel yesterday, again for another strike... To allow the restaurant to close later. Are we going to have a bus strike when we will try to leave Kathmandu? I’m going to feel a bit like in France soon...