During my last trek I discovered one thing at least, the ultimate trekking shoes anybody must have during a trek. Let me explain why, but before going any further in this post, please have a look at this video (in french) to warm you up:

Tetes a claques - Le Willi Waller or Tetes a claques - Le LCD Shovel

The “Thamel – Rolwaling” are the shoes, the ultimate shoes, the ultimate trekking shoes. With them, you will walk up to 5000m (*eventually wearing socks, **skip bad weather you never how it could end). And this, even down to the beach! Shoes that can be used in such an altitude range, amazing!

Oh come’on Marco what kind of bullshit are you talking now, are you going to think. But, that’s not all, they aren’t waterproof, but let you clean your foots in rivers and dry very quickly while walking. Woaaahh

Easy to wear, you can wake up in the middle of the night in your tent or lodge and get out to do the thing which woke you up with no hassle. You can even add a head-light at night (the light system could cost more than the shoes!)

You will never have blisters again (ask Gilles for any explanation on how to get very very very bad blisters, he’s mastering the subject!)

You will look super trendy among the locals who are always checking your shoes (porters can’t look up...) If you have Gilles model, the old fashion Havaianas flip-flop, you won’t look as much trendy at all, they know them. The Thamel Rolwaling has only been seen on 1 local person during our trek! Definitively, it is the last trend in Nepal, major trekking country. And please, throw away your old dady flip-flop, you will look like a crappy guy, and they aren’t so robust.

They are super light and can be easily attached to your backpack

I’m pretty sure they will last for a long time

They have an extraordinary grip on wet rocks

They can change colors (only if taken in white or alike) since they will turn brown when walking in muddy trails. When you get leeches between your toes, you let them suck some of your blood and then you squeeze them with your toes. You will get a wonderful deep red color. Tested & approved for both colors! Amazing, 3 colors with one pair of shoes!!! Unbelievable!

And especially for the sun lover, you will even get a homemade sun tattoo for free by the end of your holidays (or maybe sooner). The holes are perfect to get a new suntan (for the moment, no other pattern available)

And you will find the Thamel Rolwaling for their original price, at 5 euros in Kathmandu, Thamel area. But for you my friend, only you, and if you’re ready to order the Thamel Rolwaling right now, I’ll give you a price of 4 euros. Uuuunnnbelievable!!! And if you are ready to get those Thamel Rolwaling for your whole family (at least 5 pairs), I’m ready to give you a crazy price of 3 euros for each pair!!! Amaaaziiingg!

* credit card accepted

** stock limited

*** price doesn’t include shipment fees