I'm uploading some pictures of the previous trek in the Rolwaling but I didn't write yet the post about the whole trek, so you will need to wait more... (bad guy!). But you can check out the first pictures of the trek at this address: http://photos.shakeyourlife.com/

Tomorrow we are going to leave, Gilles and me, to the Langtang National Park, to climb the Langshisa Ri, 6427m. We finally get the permit today after not being able to get one for the Larkya Ri in the Manaslu region. We couldn't go on our own in this region and therefore we wouldn't get the trekking permit for the Manaslu.

The trek & climbing should take us around 2 weeks so I will have a few days left in Kathmandu to chill out and send back my climbing gears what I won't need for the rest of my trip.