With Gilles we went 2 days at The Last Resort to do a bungee jump and one day of rafting. The bungee jump was incredible, 160m between the bridge and the river, so maybe a jump of 120m. It gives you plenty of time to think that it needs to end before it starts to do it really. Gilles jumped first of all the people there, and all of us could see how “long” the jump was. I had to wait much more time before my turn, and even if I was quite excited about doing it, when you’re moving forward the 1 square meter jump platform, you start to think about “what a hell am I doing here?”. You have a full view of the valley in front of view, and you won’t even try to look down, just below your feet. So in a way you can’t see the elastic attached to your ankles. You really need to say to yourself “I’m attached to the elastic, and the elastic exists...” Then you jump, and you start to think again (especially the first time I would say) “What a fuck is thiiiiiiisss” ... A nice sensation! I’m looking forward to do another one in New-Zealand.

The resort is very nice and we had a nice time there relaxing. There isn’t that much to do around.

The second day we went for a rafting trip, which was the river we drove by to the resort. I was disappointed since they told us that it was a class 4. For me it didn’t look like (for the people who doesn’t know I’ve done 10 years of kayaking including 7 years of competition) and I asked them if I could get a kayak instead of seating into the raft. But the Nepali raft guides seemed to be too proud and way too cool to think that I was able to kayak down the river even if they had spare playboats. So I started the raft trip already in a bad mood, and the river didn’t help to change it. There was a “supposed” hard part, class 5, which we had to walk next to the river. The super cool raft guides took all the raft down the river, but even if I asked them to join them, again, they were way to proud to be super cool rafting guides... that seemed to still have problem handling a raft on this river. The last part of the river had a few bigger rapids, but nothing exiting for me. I think I should not do any rafting anymore, except maybe in Africa on the huge rivers, with huge waves. The normal rapids we have in Europe, I can’t enjoy them on a raft, only in a kayak.

So I didn’t really like the different raft guides of Ultimate Rivers. You can think that I’m too proud myself of my years of kayaking, but you should see how they explain the security rules and tell you about the kayak security guys.

So this “Ultimate Rivers” day was boring, and luckily we met nice people in the group with whom we discussed on the way back. By the end of the trip, they all came to our Hotel Potala to stay for the night.

The pictures will come later, I can't upload them at the cyber :-(