I just left Ko Phi-phi after spending 3 super good days on the island. I was a bit sad to leave Ko Lanta but it didn't take me long before meeting nice people there since it's full of young ones (Scandinavians, Americans, Germans, Portuguese, English, Australians...). It's really a party island, and except diving, there isn't that much more to do there (or snorkeling on Phi-phi Lai). But with the crazy nights you can have, you might go home with no sun tun... The beach party, and the Rolling Stoned bar are just amazing.

The first night, you're pretty shy, so you're trying the "bucket" (a bucket full of any cocktail you want - sangsom bucket for me please...) at the end of the night, but on the 3rd night there, everyone is having a bucket stray away :-) Yesterday evening was a real bucket party!! But I didn't miss the boat this morning... I guess one of the guy I met did because I couldn't see him... He's not the first one, neither the last one! The only problem with the buckets, especially the sangsom, it hurts the day after usually. But on the other hand it means you had a great night last night :-)

Expect of the partying, I did some diving which pull me away from the bars for one night, and also to have some sleep... good!

The weather wasn't so great, it was raining every afternoon/night for at least one hour.

Phi-phi is more expensive than most of the place in Thailand, but still it's cheaper than any other country.

And I had my biggest nightmare on Phi-phi. When I went to register for the dive at the shop (Visa diving), I left my camera on the table and went back in my room for a nap. When I woke up later to go for diner, I realized that I didn't have it anymore and went quickly back to the diving shop but it wasn't there anymore and the guy I spoke with couldn't find it in the desk. But he told me that they're having a meeting every evening when the shop is closed and he will bring that up. I left the shop but I wasn't so confident to get it back... What's a mess if I don't have any pictures of Thailand. Ok, I have everything in my mind, but the landscape is so amazing I want to have some pictures... (and I only took my small camera with me). At night I wasn't really in a party mood and I also had to dive the day after, so all together I went home not too late.

The next morning after breakfast I went back ... I was still hopping of course. The same guy was there, and he told me that no one had seen it... In my head I was starting to be really pissed of myself. But a woman sitting there as well told me that she might has it and brought my camera out from the same desk where the other guy looked... I couldn't believe it! As the guy said: ask the Germans, they know where the things are ;-)

A good lesson for me... I won't let it be out of my bag or pocket anymore! I really really don't want to loose any pictures.

By the way, the temperature when diving at 20m deep is 28 degrees... So I guess it should be something around 30 or more on the beach, and outside it's even warmer. What's the weather like in Europe :-p ?

PS: I didn't take with me the cable to transfer my pictures, but they will come when I'm back in Bangkok and I will update the different posts.