Since I wasn’t going to stay in Khao Lak longer than I had to, I decided to go back slowly in the direction to Bangkok and to see more islands, instead of going back to Ko Lanta which I liked a lot. It’s my first time in Thailand, it’s worth it to spend my time to see most of the places to enjoy the best ones next time I’m coming. After one day of traveling with the ticket guy in the local bus who tried to screw me, I arrived on Ko Phangang to spend there only one night. For once I took one of the resort proposed by one guy on the ferry to the island since I didn’t really matter just for one night and it looked nice for a cheap price. Of course you don’t get at all the nice room on the picture but at least the beach, the pool and the view. Moreover I’m not spending time in my room in Thailand, not on this island... One single night on Phangan, so it’s going to be on the full moon party beach, which I missed 2 days before, but well, I had to decide between diving and partying.

Apparently the last full moon party wasn’t so great compared to what you could get usually from what said a foreigner living there. But still 2 days after there were people partying “easy” on the beach. The beach is full of bucket bars, for quite cheap compared to Phi-phi, which doesn’t help the people with a motorbike but we came with a Taxi :-) Drinking, chatting, dancing... and then sleeping.

I didn’t spend so much time at all on this island, but it doesn’t look like my favorite one. Next time I would take a bike tour around the islands to see the beaches. They might be nice somewhere.

Hat rin party 4 days after the full moon one

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