I stayed 2 days on the islands which I really liked. The boat arrived quite early in the afternoon after a wavy trip from Phangang which made sick a few people on the boat. First I went to check-out one of the big diving place “Ban’s” but it was expensive and they were really pushing you to take diving lessons or fun dives. I really didn’t like it and I think the place isn’t worth it at all compared to what you can have on the island. With the Danish guy I met the day before, we hired two bikes and went for a round to the southern of the island since he went already there and preferred it to the other main beach. We managed to get two superb bungalows with the sea view for almost nothing (Thailand is empty, so it’s cheaper :-) It was the perfect place to chill out, which we did for the days I spent there.

It’s been mostly beach time, riding the scooter on the steep hills, and chatting with people, and of course some partying. Four days after the full moon party, there’s the blue moon party on Ko Tao in the jungle. We went there, 5 persons on 2 scooters, into the jungle for this electro night, but sadly there weren’t that much people who made it there. It was pretty empty but the decoration was almost just worth to go there. If it would have been full of people, it would have been a crazy night! The best outside decoration I ever seen for a jungle party :-)