Back to Switzerland in September 2009, but another adventure for 12 months has started in September 2012 ->

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Rolwaling trek

Finally I managed to write down a short version of the trek & adventures that happened during our fabulous trek in the rolwaling region. We went there between the 27th of September and the 12th of October 2008.

2 guys, one not so young and the other still young (I was ...

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After the Rolwaling, next destination is Langshisa Ri

I'm uploading some pictures of the previous trek in the Rolwaling but I didn't write yet the post about the whole trek, so you will need to wait more... (bad guy!). But you can check out the first pictures of the trek at this address: http://photos.shakeyourlife ...

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The ultimate trekking shoes: Thamel-Rolwaling model

During my last trek I discovered one thing at least, the ultimate trekking shoes anybody must have during a trek. Let me explain why, but before going any further in this post, please have a look at this video (in french) to warm you up:

Tetes a claques - Le Willi ...

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Tibet or do you have a plan B guys?

We wanted to go in the Kangshung valley, next to the Everest, to make an expedition to traverse 2 passes: the Karpo La, and the Lhapka La. The route would start from Kharta, passing a pass somewhere at 5000m to join the Kangshung valley. From there we would walk up ...

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