Back to Switzerland in September 2009, but another adventure for 12 months has started in September 2012 ->

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Geneva airport or how the hell am I going to bring all my gears

Normally, you’re doing your luggage at least the night before you’re leaving. Well I had everything on the floor in my living room, but nothing packed on Saturday morning. I was waiting to get the dry food which came with Kimberly who was driving me to the airport ...

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Why am I doing this trip

That's the usual question you will get when you're leaving for a RWT as well as your destinations of course ;-) It's not to "find myself", neither "to look for a new goal in life"... None of these theoretical ideas. It's just because I think that it ...

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Still missing a few things

It's already beginning of August and I'm still missing a few things for my trip, mostly for the trek/expedition to Nepal/Tibet. It's the food! As for the expedition in Argentina in 2006, it seems to be tricky to get the Travel Lunch food we want ...

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Website up!

Finally the website is up. I (almost) finished the design today and I'm happy to share it with you. Everything is not ready now but you will see more goodies coming time by time (at least if you're coming back here ;-)

If you're using Internet Explorer 6 ...

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