What a hell did I come up with? Well I thought it wouldn't be a tough trip without something very demanding at the and of my trip as it was at the beginning. So I decided to join two English guys to bike the Great Divide with them.

Great Divide

I met Simon when I was between my expeditions in Nepal and during the many hours we all gathered together with the group, we talked about our plans for our long time of travel. That's how I first heard about this crazy long biking trip. First I wasn't thinking to change so much my plans and just said that I will join them as soon as I'm on the mainland in the US. But the more I was thinking about biking and doing sports in New-Zealand, the more I wished to do the full trip. So I asked Simon and Ollie if I could join them from the beginning, which they gently agree on.

You would tell me that we have no clue on what we're gonna experience with me. It's half true. I spent again days with Simon in New-Zealand hiking and traveling, but I don't know yet Ollie. It's his cousin, so no worries!

So here I am, with my untrained legs since many months whiling to bike for 4400km! No you're not dreaming! It's really long... And moreover it's through the Rocky mountains from Banff in Canada, to Antelope Wells in New-Mexico state in the US. It won't be a piece of cake at all, but I'm looking so much forward this bike adventure! So much that the IT geek I am, launched another special website for the occasion. All the information will be there about the trip. There will still be my GPS messages on ShakeYourLife.com and I might post some personal stories on it. So now you will have 2 websites to look at during the summer to keep you busy if the financial crisis isn't giving you enough work ;)

And here you go -> http://www.bikingthegreatdivide.com

There is a link in the left menu as well in case you'll forget it ;)

You will find all the information regarding the team, the route, the preparation...

Am I gonna survive with the Grizzlies? Lack of water? Desert & heat in New-Mexico? Reply in a many weeks...