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New-Zealand, the North & the end

My trip in New-Zealand is coming to its end after 4 months on these 2 beautiful islands. I spent 2 months in total on the North island. It wasn't as much about landscapes and sports as on the South, but more about "people". I will remember the North island ...

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The South Island of New-Zealand

I’ve been cruising around the south island for 2 months, and if I had to squeeze my impression in one word, it would be "awesome". There are so many things to do, to see, to experience, to enjoy... I started my exploration with 3 days tramping in Nelson lakes ...

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Wind in New-Zealand

The wind in New-Zealand... A really good subject after the few months I spent here. I've been wondering if someone had a Eole voodoo doll and was playing with it to tease me. I spent the last days in Coromandel since the wind forecast was supposed to be really ...

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3 days around Nelson Lakes in 10 minutes

I spent 3 days in Nelson Lakes National Park to do the Travers-Sabine circuit and I made short videos during those days that I put together so you can see what I'm doing a bit more "live" (the video is at the end), 3 days in 10 minutes, worth ...

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Seakayaking in Abel Tasman National Park

Don’t be spoiled by this picture, it’s been really 3 hard days for me to paddle on the Abel Tasman coast. The weather was really bad, strong wind, rain, huge waves, we almost had to call in... And to paddle, I was way too weak compared to the ...

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3 weeks with a baby

I didn’t hide anything... neither had time to make one. It’s not mine, it’s my nephew, Louis ;-) My sister and her husband, Tijn, came to spend almost 3 weeks around Christmas and New-Year with me in New-Zealand.

You can imagine that the van I bought wasn’t ...

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After Thailand, it was time to come to New-Zealand. I didn't think first that it will be so long to fly there but it took a couple of hours, something around 10 hours. I made it through the Bio Security check with my dry food and my camping gears ...

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