I was supposed to leave for Moorea but Noemie called me in the morning while I was having my croissant au chocolat on a terrace to let me know what the trials should start today or tomorrow, so what Patrick and she will go there tomorrow. So I stayed on Tahiti and went diving for the day instead.

We went the night before at Patrick's place to have dinner with him and to avoid waking up at 3-4am from Noemie's place. We had such a great Tahitian dinner at his place. I love this food!

Early morning we left to be there by 6am, to be sure to have a good spot on the water as Noemie and me were going to shoot the event all day long to try to get a good picture. We weren't the first one when we reached the surf spot on the boat, but we could still get a good place. Patrick spend his day driving back and forth with the boat to keep the boat around the same spot. Hard job, there's nothing fun in doing it! While Noemie and I were up on the dingy to shoot all the surfers just behind the official Billabong press boats. Nothing more to say, just enjoy the pictures...

More at http://photos.shakeyourlife.com/French%20Polynesia/Teahupoo%20Billabong%20Pro%20Trials%2009/