It's already beginning of August and I'm still missing a few things for my trip, mostly for the trek/expedition to Nepal/Tibet. It's the food! As for the expedition in Argentina in 2006, it seems to be tricky to get the Travel Lunch food we want. I hope I won't need to go in emergency to Munich again to get the food from the manufacturer. They helped us the previous time but I don't want to abuse... I hope to get some news about a French importation company in the next days.

On the funnier side, I think I'm going to order a new lens for my Canon 30D to take wide angle shots (EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM) but it's pretty expensive even though I have a friend working at Canon.

And why not a video camera? The Canon HF-10 looks pretty nice and light. Do you think I should buy one? Like to make a movie of the expedition and of my global trip?

For all these nice electronic equipment I won't be against a financial support from you, for example in advance of my 30th birthday ;-) What would be one of the best present you can give me.