For the people who could hear what was going on in Nepal, or did experience the Nepali demonstration in the street, one was going on the day of my departure. At 10am, when I was eating my big last breakfast on the terrace of the Hotel, I could hear all the shops pulling down the shutters quickly and a lot of people coming in the street. One shop was only about to pull down its shutters when one guy saw it and throw a rock at it. Luckily for the owner, it bounced on the shutters. All of them had rocks in both hands, and not small one!

When I left the Hotel, there were any richsaw, neither any taxi in the street of Thamel. With the guys of the Hotel who helped me we walked out of Thamel to hopefully find one at the big crossing, but nothing there neither. The only transportation was a shuttle that the tourist police had to organize for the foreigners to reach the airport. While driving to one of the big hotel to take other passengers, I could see in the street some broken glass and rocks in the streets... And almost no car, neither local busses. And when we reached the other hotel I could understand why. Also the bus driver of our bus was sitting on the left side, which is the wrong side for Nepal. And so the previous shuttle bus was parking there because its wind shield had been broken by some rocks... It’s not going to be a safe trip... I’m sitting next to a window and by the door but we have 3 tourist police officers in the bus with us.

At each crossing, the bus stopped 300m before to see if other police officers were doing any sign to go further or to stop and wait. Finally the bus reached the airport without any troubles, but it was the only vehicle at the airport, no taxi, no minibus.