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Rurutu – Australes island #3 - French Polynesia

I went on Rurutu as it was part of the Australes islands and also to see where a very good friend used to live for a couple of years. The normal time to go there is September to November to see the whales. The island doesn't have a lagoon ...

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Tubuai – Australes island #2 - French Polynesia

My second stop in the Australes was Tubuai, the place to kite as I found on the kitesurf website of Tahiti-kitesurf.

I went to the same guesthouse as proposed by the author since the kitesurf started to be a family affair, pension vaiteanui. When I arrived of course, it was ...

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Raivavae – Australes island #1 - French Polynesia

This was my first stop in the Australes archipelago. The island receives very little tourists and therefore it is still an authentic Polynesian island.

There isn’t any French people living on the island except of one photographer who doesn’t seem to be there very often. I went to ...

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New-Zealand, the North & the end

My trip in New-Zealand is coming to its end after 4 months on these 2 beautiful islands. I spent 2 months in total on the North island. It wasn't as much about landscapes and sports as on the South, but more about "people". I will remember the North island ...

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Fiji, just landed

I just landed in Fiji ... under the rain! No internet for 1 week because on the island there isn't any access... just the beach, kayaks, kitesurf, wakeboard. Why would I need internet anyway in paradise :-)

Maybe I would be able to update the website with some SMS (GPS message ...

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The South Island of New-Zealand

I’ve been cruising around the south island for 2 months, and if I had to squeeze my impression in one word, it would be "awesome". There are so many things to do, to see, to experience, to enjoy... I started my exploration with 3 days tramping in Nelson lakes ...

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Six months have gone, but six more to go!

I left Lausanne six months ago, but it feels like an eternity! So many things happened since then, but the best of all for me, is that I still have another six months left to do even more crazy stuff.

For this special date, I had to celebrate it, so ...

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3 weeks with a baby

I didn’t hide anything... neither had time to make one. It’s not mine, it’s my nephew, Louis ;-) My sister and her husband, Tijn, came to spend almost 3 weeks around Christmas and New-Year with me in New-Zealand.

You can imagine that the van I bought wasn’t ...

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After Thailand, it was time to come to New-Zealand. I didn't think first that it will be so long to fly there but it took a couple of hours, something around 10 hours. I made it through the Bio Security check with my dry food and my camping gears ...

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Leaving Thailand

It wasn't easy to leave Thailand, especially the south islands. This would be easily understood by people who went already there. I planned to stay 5 days only on Ko Lanta, and ended up staying 10 days instead. I guess I only made it to Khao Lak because I ...

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