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Venezuela – Isla Margarita, first week

For August I hadn't plan anything and the idea was to look for what I wanted to do after the bike trip, depending on where some friends would be and my state of mind to do something different. I definitively had a hard time to choose, especially because of ...

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Tubuai – Australes island #2 - French Polynesia

My second stop in the Australes was Tubuai, the place to kite as I found on the kitesurf website of Tahiti-kitesurf.

I went to the same guesthouse as proposed by the author since the kitesurf started to be a family affair, pension vaiteanui. When I arrived of course, it was ...

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Raivavae – Australes island #1 - French Polynesia

This was my first stop in the Australes archipelago. The island receives very little tourists and therefore it is still an authentic Polynesian island.

There isn’t any French people living on the island except of one photographer who doesn’t seem to be there very often. I went to ...

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Fiji week

After the feeling of the fresh air reaching New-Zealand, it was definitively time to head off for Fiji and its tropical climate. I decided to go only for one week so I booked ahead the full week in one of the scare kitesurfing places in Fiji: Safari Lodge. I looked ...

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Wind in New-Zealand

The wind in New-Zealand... A really good subject after the few months I spent here. I've been wondering if someone had a Eole voodoo doll and was playing with it to tease me. I spent the last days in Coromandel since the wind forecast was supposed to be really ...

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